Introduction: ZIPPER LOCK (& Arthritic Zipper Assistant)

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Can't wear those favorite jeans anymore because the zipper won't do it's job? Ever suffered the embarrasment of a slipped zip? "Hey check your fly!" "Your zipper's undone" "Cow's are gonna get out!" and so on? Here's a little gem I came up with in high school (class of 1982). I always thought it should come standard on pants. I probably coulda been rich by now, but, I think I'll share it with the world. (also good if you fingers can't grab those little tiny zippers anymore)

Step 1: You Need:

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that one #@*%! pair of pants that ALWAYS comes unzipped!
a key chain "ring" (the ring off a key ring - a key ring!) 

Step 2: Lay 'em Out

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Take them bad pants and lay 'em out on a table. (to be honest, I've done this with the pants on, but I'm trying hard to pad this 'ible) 

Step 3: Thread the Hole

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Carefully thread the keyring ring (?) thru the little hole on the zipper pull.

Step 4: Ready to Wear!

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Put the pants on, zip them up using the big ol' easier now to grab zipper ring, zip up, and SLIP THE RING OVER THE BUTTON OR SNAP before you snap or button. Once you're buttoned over the ring, those pants ARE NOT coming unzipped unless you unbutton or unsnap! And it's Invisible once you snap!


lagirl2 (author)2014-01-24

great idea! Cheap, simple, and it works. Now I can wear my jeans again. Thanks so much!

dreamberry (author)lagirl22014-01-25

Super! Glad to be of service!

Summered (author)2011-02-15

I've seen a similar item (with the same purpose) sold in Sweden for ~10€. The same piece of plastic (I recall it was) would've been around 2€ hadn't it been for the label promising "no accidental unzipping".

dreamberry (author)Summered2011-02-15

I've shared this with hundreds of people over the past thirty years, so it wouldn't surprise me if somebody ran with it. Makes ya wonder. Oh well. Another missed opportunity!

Ysabeau (author)dreamberry2011-03-11

I made that since many years, before reading this instructable :-). This idea is so good and so simple that more than only brain can discover it.

dreamberry (author)Ysabeau2011-03-12

Yes it's true that Great Minds think alike!

LaurelWashburn (author)2011-01-13


Thanks! You can also use a wire "bread tie" or wire trash twistie, to make a circlet loop, instead of using a keyring.

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