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This is My Daughter's ZURG VADER COSTUME that I made for her, Inspirational movie of TOY STORY and STAR WARS.
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Step 1: The office trash can

I started of with a Office Trash Can. I freehand the eyes and mouth with a marker were I was going to cut with a Dremel I Also cut off the top head in a 45* so I could add the grey Foam Mat peace in front of the head I used hot glue to put it together, the nose I used the same thing grey foam Mat. use hot glue to put it together.

Step 4: The suit up

Picture of the suit up
Made the suit off the grey foam mat wanted to look more like Darth Vader's.

Step 6: Zurg Vader upclose

Picture of Zurg Vader upclose
2013-08-11 19.48.20_20130811195747293.jpg
zurg vadver.png
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Mr. Noack1 year ago
Well done sir! Original idea and use of materials!