I was looking on this site for some cool knex swords and i saw that someone made a zamorak Godsword from the game Runescape. I saw it was a bit flimsy so i modded it out. So here it is and a new Rune Defender. You guys should be able to make this from the pics. i will not be posting an istructables for this, but i can help you if you choose to try to make it. Ty! :)

ah my days on runescape do u still play? i was lvl 68 i think and I almost got a skill cap in woodcutting...but then I left cuz it got boring
you should make a Dragon Defender!
yah i might ill see what i can do,also im working on different hilts and an improved blade
the only bad thing i see is that the godsword blade doesnt look long enough, although it is a picture so it might be perfect<br><br>still awesome!
actually i was holding the way they do in the pic and it was proportional.

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