Zatn'kitel (Stargate)





Introduction: Zatn'kitel (Stargate)

This weapon from Stargate the show was the main stunning weapon used by the SGC and Goa'uld (bad guys).
One shot stuns, two shots kill, three shots could vaporize.
This gun has a safety mode and ready mode.
This K'nex version can change modes.
Down position is safety mode and up position is ready mode.
It is rather easy to make if you know what you're doing.

This was rather hard to get to spring up and stay because of the weight, I then tried using the chain piece than ended up working.

I hope every one enjoys this as my first posted Instructable.

Step 1: The Pieces to Make the Zatn'kitel

these are all of the parts of the Zat gun.

Pieces to make it:
-18 green rods
-8 white rods
-8 blue rods
-10 red rods
-2 grey rods
-3 grey connectors
-5 tan connectors
-4 light grey connectors
-17 red connectors
-12 green connectors
-2 yellow connectors
-1 orange connector
-11 white connectors
-8 pairs socket connectors
-1 black grip connector
-3 blue/green hinge connectors
-12 chain pieces

Step 2: Putting It Together

here are the instructions to take the pieces and put it together.
-first you take the top section and add the detail parts.
-then you attach the middle section.
-then you put on the chain.
-then you attach the bottom section on with the back detail piece.



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    wooooooooouuuuuuuuu you are de best!!! I love stargate and I want build an STARGATE!! And build a wood staff jaffa. If somebody know how build it you can say something!! see you

    hey if u wanna build a jaffa staff go on wiki how

    awesome zat im a stargate fanatic 100% epic =D

    cool hey whatabout chicken wire

    maybe will work, i have no idea

    guess ill try it if not ill give it to my cat

    could i redo it in chicken wire

    That's awesome! I need to make on of those...

    Is there anything which is hard to understand in making it? Is something hard to see or figure out?

    finaly u posted 5star