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A revolutionary project for a Smart City. The project is for the safety of pedestrians and the study of quality of the life in urban areas. The Project is is focused on the safety of pedestrian crossing, thanks to the implementation of sensors palced on the crossing able to make them light and increase visibility for driver coming.

In addition to this first features should not be neglected the implementation of signals located at the intersections capable of receiving aler messages in case of a vehicle approaching at hight speed. To complete the cycle of security we analyze the quality of the air and the temperature to be not only safe to use the strips but also air quality.

Step 1: Take an Intel Edison

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Buy an Intel Edison and the developer board

Step 2: Grove Starter Kit Plus

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Take a Grove Starter Kit Plus

Step 3: Get a Air Quality Sensor

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Get the air quality sensor

Step 4: Get the Piezo Vibrator Sensor

Picture of Get the Piezo Vibrator Sensor

Step 5: Take All Necessary

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From the starter kit take:

  • the temperature sensore
  • the lcd screen
  • button
  • led

Step 6: Temperature Sensor

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Connect the temperature sensor on port A0

Step 7: Air Quality Sensor

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Connect the Air Quality sensor on A1

Step 8: Vibration Sensor

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Connect the vibration sensor on A2

Step 9: LED

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Connect the LED on D7 (That simulate the LED Strip)

Step 10: Button

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Connect the button on D5

Step 11: LCD

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Connect the LCD on I2C

Step 12: Edison

On Edison board enable the IoT analytics and add the sensor

Step 13: Add Code in Eclipse

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You can find the code on GitHub

Step 14: Finish

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This is all step to recreate project Zebra prototype. Stay tune for update


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