Zebra Stripe Fingernails





Introduction: Zebra Stripe Fingernails

Looking for a fun, colorful summer fingernail design? I like the zebra stripes, because they work well for any nail size. I started by taking 3 different colors: pink, yellow, and purple. You can change the colors as much as you want. I used the yellow as a base coat and filled the whole nail with it. Then, I took the purple and made a half crescent under the cuticle. Next, I took the pink and brushed it horizontally on the very end of the nail. Then to be safe, I allowed the polish to dry and applied a clear coat, brushing horizontally to keep the colors from smearing. Once the clear coat was dry, I used a polish with a thin brush ( I like to use Kiss - roughly $7 at Target) and painted different stripe designs on to my nails. It was helpful for me to look up zebra stripe patterns to make sure my stripes looked like real zebra stripes. After waiting 30 minutes to keep the black from smearing, I added another top coat, being very careful not to smear. I am in love with these stripes! Being right-handed, using my left hand was a slight challenge, but it was very fun and I look forward to trying it again! (Please rate and add comments- I'd really appreciate it!)



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