Step 2: Base Color

Paint on your base color. Make sure to let dry for at least 3 minutes. I had to put on 2 coats since this color isn't as pure. It's alright if you get a little polish on the edges. We'll fix that later.
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If I need a thin-tip, then i get a bottle of nail polish with a color good for almost everything (white, black, blue, red) then take some small scissors and snip off about half the bristles
that looks great but what else can we use if we do not have a thin tip?????
if you dont have nailpolish that already has a thin brush already, you can use a small detail paintbrush. It works almost as good.
i've never been able to find a nailpolish with a thin brush , but then i tried my eyeliner instead and it works perfectly aswell aslong as you do the topcoat afterwards :)
I really like them - I tried to do stripes like yours, but it did not turn out so well.  I saw this instructable and went out to find some paint that would work the next day!
Wow, I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;have the same exact green polish in my bathroom! <br /> I&nbsp;didn't know they made a nail polish skinny brush, and they don't sell them at my drug store. Could you just use the side of a regular black polish?<br /> <br /> I think they sell nail polish markers for really intricate work too.<br />
Several brands are starting to&nbsp;skinny-brushed nail polishes now. I used Stripe Rite, but I also use Art Deco by L.A. Colors. Amazingly, you can find them at some Dollar Tree stores and other dollar stores. They're pretty good quality too. <br /> For your other question, it probably wouldn't work the best to just use regular polish brushes. If you don't wipe of the excess nail polish enough, you might get a sudden blop of the nail polish instead of an intricate line. <br /> Oh, and, yeah, I've heard of the nail polish markers. I was kind of interested in them, until I looked at the price. They were around eight dollars each, so that wasn't going to happen!<br /> Anyway, I'm glad to see you were interested in my Instructable! I'll be making more soon, hopefully. One of which being... CHEETAH SPOTS! Stay tuned!

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