Picture of Zebra-Stripe your Nails!
In this instructable, I'm going to show you how to paint your nails with wild zebra stripes! Just a note: this is my first instructable :)

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Step 1: What you need.....

Picture of What you need.....
You'll need a Base Color, nail art paint, top coat, and (maybe) nail polish remover and Q-tips.

Step 2: Base Color

Picture of Base Color
Paint on your base color. Make sure to let dry for at least 3 minutes. I had to put on 2 coats since this color isn't as pure. It's alright if you get a little polish on the edges. We'll fix that later.

Step 3: Making the Zebra Stripes

Picture of Making the Zebra Stripes
Now you're going to use your Stripe Rite. The super- thin brush will allow you to create thin lines.

Place the tip of your brush at the edge of your nail, gently glide the brush across your nail. Quickly lift up your brush to create a pointed end to your stripe. Again, if you get some polish on your skin, don't worry.

Let these stripes dry for about a minute. If you don't let them dry long enough, they will smear when you put the top coat on.

It may seem complicated, but after a little practice, making the stripes is very easy!

Step 4: Top coat

Picture of Top coat
top coat11111.jpg
Next stop- TOP COAT! 

Take your brush on glide over your top coat. Don't put too much pressure on your brush, or the stripes will wipe off.

Let your nails dry for 2 minutes or so.

Step 5: Clean-Up

Dip your Q-tip into the polish remover. Brush it on any excess polish.

Step 6: Finished Look!!!

Picture of Finished Look!!!
Show off your crazy, wild nails to the world!