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In this instructable I will show you how to make Links sleeve from Zelda.

You will need-

-a brown piece of felt
-saftey pin

Step 1: Starting Your Sleeve

Picture of Starting Your Sleeve
To start your sleeve you take the end of the felt and make sure it covers the middle of your hand
dow to your elbow.
awesome, simple to. im going to sew it together though instead of just a safety pin
carsoncool (author)  wickedsonic14 years ago
When i made it, i didnt know how to sew, but now i do. So i could do it easily
Dumchicken4 years ago
its caaaaalllllllllleeeeed a gountlet
bendog385 years ago
 Just the SLEEVE?????
carsoncool (author) 5 years ago
 do you know of any other part of the costume?
For the shield...go here http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Link-Costume!/. CAUTION!!! may take a whole lot of balsawood and paint!
Not really part of the costume...but for Navi take a medium sized styrofoam ball, and paint it with blue glitter. Then take a couple of peices of uncorrogated cardboard, like ceareal boxes,and make the wings IN LAYERS!!! (in other words...make about three copies of each wind and hot glue together) Then Hot glue them to Navi and glitter blue. Then for a flying effect, tie her to the point of your hat,so it looks like she's following you around like in Ocarina Of Time.
for a hat sew your green fabric into a triangle (like a witch hat) then roll it up so you get the rim thats not really a rim and sew together on the inside (sorry for low detail...but thats the basic idea)
Thank you!