Picture of Zelda NES
Step by step process of what my business partner and I made one day.  Nothing like having your very own NES as Zeldafied as this.

Step 1: Hot knifing the Triforce

Picture of Hot knifing the Triforce
So I started out by drawing on the Triforce, then slowly and patiently started to etch the design with a soldering iron fitted with an X-Acto knife.  It is a very slow going process, so if you are looking to recreate something like this, BE PATIENT!  This is what my partner and I do with our business, (modifying consoles for customers) and let me tell ya, this whole process would be so much easier and more satisfying with a state of the art, professional Epilog Zing Laser Cutting System. :P  Darn equilateral triangles!
StarB10 months ago

I would of put some brighter LED's inside, but good job over all 10/10

Emjoria1 year ago

I love the Kirby game on the inside. But that does make sense, if you put the Zelda game in, it's gold, so you would'nt be able to see it.

ianolivia2 years ago
"Darn equilateral triangles!" LOL What does it mean? "Darn equilateral triangles!" Not LOL.
16lundgcodm2 years ago
This is awesome!!! I suggest brighter LEDs though, i could hardly see them.
This isn't awesome
This is the awesomeness itself.
triton374 years ago
To even further Geekafy your controller,might I suggest heart container buttons.
zazenergy4 years ago
Very cool!
Carks128 (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
Thank you very much for the support and interest :)
Carks128 (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Thank you very much! It means a lot when someone with Link as their profile picture likes our Hyrulian Entertainment System, or HES if you will :P