Step by step process of what my business partner and I made one day.  Nothing like having your very own NES as Zeldafied as this.

Step 1: Hot Knifing the Triforce

So I started out by drawing on the Triforce, then slowly and patiently started to etch the design with a soldering iron fitted with an X-Acto knife.  It is a very slow going process, so if you are looking to recreate something like this, BE PATIENT!  This is what my partner and I do with our business, (modifying consoles for customers) and let me tell ya, this whole process would be so much easier and more satisfying with a state of the art, professional Epilog Zing Laser Cutting System. :P  Darn equilateral triangles!
<p>I would of put some brighter LED's inside, but good job over all 10/10</p>
<p>I love the Kirby game on the inside. But that does make sense, if you put the Zelda game in, it's gold, so you would'nt be able to see it.</p>
&quot;Darn equilateral triangles!&quot; LOL What does it mean? &quot;Darn equilateral triangles!&quot; Not LOL.
This is awesome!!! I suggest brighter LEDs though, i could hardly see them.
This isn't awesome <br>This is the awesomeness itself.
To even further Geekafy your controller,might I suggest heart container buttons.
Very cool!
Thank you very much for the support and interest :)
Thank you very much! It means a lot when someone with Link as their profile picture likes our Hyrulian Entertainment System, or HES if you will :P

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