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Introduction: Zelda Pop-Up Valentine Heart Card

About: I like to make things for the internets. I also sell a pretty cool calendar at supamoto.co. You'll like it.

It's a pop-up card for Valentine's Day. For your valentine who would get an old Zelda reference, that is. If you don't think that's gonna fly, then you probably want a more traditional card.

For those of you scratching your heads, it's a combination of the guy in the cave who says this message and the heart container that gives you precious extra life.

The idea for this card comes from kate12345's Pixelated popup card Instructable.

Step 1: Print!

Print the attached PDF. Got it? Great!

Step 2: Cut!

Use an X-acto or other razor blade to cut out lots of lines. I can go into detail of which ones to cut or not to cut, but it's easier to see what you'll need in the next step.

Step 3: Fold!

See all the parts that are still attached? Carefully reach in and fold them in the correct directions.

Step 4: Glue!

For this step you will need a card that folds down to 6"x4" or you can cut one yourself out of card stock. With that in place, glue the cut out heart paper onto it. You may need to use the X-acto again to trim off any excess that goes over the edge.

Step 5: Give!

Now put the card in an envelope and give to someone you care about. 

Pro tip: Life heart is even better when combined with other goodies, like chocolate, flowers, or a power tool.



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I made one very similar to this and it was so cute!! My boyfriend loved it and his friends were telling me that I was the most badass girlfriend in the world. If you want to do it... don't hesitate! It's very easy and it looks great.

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Wow that heart looks awesome! Did you edit it yourself? if so, could you upload it on imgur or something?

Can you please upload the file as a Microsoft Word file so i can change the message thanks :)

1 reply

Just crop out the text. If you're doing it in word: import the image, use the crop function and drag down the top bar until the text is gone.

This is so cute. At first I though the heart was made out of several hundreds paper heart layers. Great idea!

Ironing the paper at the end was really useful for smoothing out any spurious creases and really crisping up the folds

Valentine's Day is here in Brazil on 12 June. Only that I loved the idea and give the card anyway. She'll love it.


This will work great for a certain Zelda geek i know...

Hey fungus amungus, just letting you know we had great fun making your pop-out pixel heart card and thought you might like to share the video tutorial we made for it: http://youtu.be/-Yh4EpI4wY4. Thank you!

This was a great instructable! Really easy! I used the template to make my own using card and it worked a treat :)

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This is adorable, and my dork will love it. I am glad we decided to celebrate the weekend following Valentines Day this year, otherwise I never would've stumbled upon this gem!


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Nice! Also nice move on not doing it on the day where it feels so obligatory and less personal.

Where can i get a picture of the heart so i can print it?