Zelda and Monster Hunter Cosplay.





Introduction: Zelda and Monster Hunter Cosplay.

Last Year in Halloween , I made some  costumes to my daughter & Son, and it was: " Link" From Zelda Video game , and "Monster Hunter" Video Game and it was a rush .I  want to share with you our happiness...we won a little Local costume contest.
Hope you like it.
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    Zelda is a hyrulean princess. Mr.Sanchez, your probably thinking of link. The titles of the games confuse most people (The legend of Zelda), But the name of the hero/main character is link.
    P.S Link is a boy.

    cosplay is cosplay. girls can be boys, and boys can be girls. so if she wanted to be link, let her. ya know what I'm saying?

    pfft everyone knows link keeps items in his pants

    Chicken means that link keeps all his items in the game (bombs, boomerang, Shield) in his inventory, but how link pulls the items out looks like hes taking stuff out of his pants.

    Link never wore a cape, his clothes arent shiny, and his hat is just plane green (some pictures have the hat right), and he doesnt have shoulder pads, or those white fabric & twine arm things. Overall, i say this is an elf, JUST an elf.

    Thnk U violentorchid...They´re my Kids.

    Y aquí estoy de nuevo!!! :-)