This is a Valentine’s Day ‘card’ based off of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time where your special someone collects heart pieces (4 total) in order to fill up their heart container. It even comes with a guideline scroll from Navi!

I had already completed this before remembering I wanted to do a instructable, so I tried my best to recreate the process with my final product,  if you have any questions or need clarification, ask away!

It’s dangerous to go alone! So take these:
-Felt (pink, light blue, red, and brown)
-About half a yard of decently hardly fabric for the pouch, I used tan corduroy
-Needle and Thread (pink, light blue, brown and something to match your pouch fabric)
-Leather Cord
-Brown Piping (Optional)
-Sewing Machine (makes it so much easier!)
-Used Coffee Grounds/Tea bags or cheap coffee
-Matches/Lighter and water (for safety)
-Black Pen/Calligraphy Pen & Ink

I also made a basic pattern for the pieces I used and included pouch measurements in the instructions, if there's enough interest I can try and make a printable pattern.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Heart Pieces

We'll get the heart pieces out of the way first.

I found that it was easier to fold the felt in half and trace half of the hearts and then cut them out while the felt is still folded. Though, if you have an easier way, more power to you! So what you need to do:

1) Cut out 4 of the medium-small light blue hearts (they are about 2 inches wide at the widest part and 1 3/4 in from the bottom tip to the top middle inset)
2) Cut out 4 of the small pink hearts (about 1in wide and 1 inch from tip to the top middle dip)
3) Cut out 4 blue triangles that match up with the bottom part of the blue hearts (about 2 in across and 1 7/8in on the two sides)
I made this and boyfriend loves it, thanks!
Will be making this amazingly unique Valentine for my boyfriend. Haven't decided whether to do the scroll. Is the paper brittle after aging it?
<p>This is awesome!!! :D my girlfriend would love this thank you!!! </p>
<p>This is so so sweet. Love it! :D</p>
<p>Why thanks :3</p>
I voted for you. I will try this on my hubby. Thanks!
<p>Aw! Thanks so much, if you end up making it I'd LOVE to see yours!</p>
<p>Amazing idea!</p>
<p>this is fun</p>
<p>Why, thank you sir!</p>
<p>Cute and clever!</p>
<p>Thanks!! It's also in the Valentine's Day Contest, if you want to give it a vote, I'd super appreciate it!</p>
This is so cool! Great idea
<p>Thank you so much! It's also in the Valentine's Day Contest, if you find it worthy of a vote, I'd appreciate it :)</p>

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