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Introduction: ZelosLaser Cutter 2.0 : Open Source, Sturdy & Versatile

About: we build cheap and open Soft/Hardware based Tools for the Makers and Builders.

I start to plan the ZelosLaser Engraver with the goal of a well-built, Open Soft and Hardware Machine.The ZelosLaser Engraver is affordable, with a compact design and the perfect entry for the Daily Hobbyist.
It is easy to build. even for the non Hobbyist.

Please never forget that the laser can cause serious damage to your eyes. always wear safety glasses. Avoid to look directly into the beam.

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Lets Engrave : ZelosDynamics Logo on Plywood

The Open Source ZelosLaser Engraver is a full working unit to engrave
and even cut material like plastics, wood, leather and much more. It is easy to build and has a number of exclusive features that cannot be found on other engraver machines.

Laser Engraving "its a Trap" ZelosLaser Engraver

Step 1: BOM - Materials/parts

BOM - bill of materials
Qty Part Name

  • 5x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 15cm
  • 4x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 30cm
  • 4x Aluminium profile 20x20 Type B 40cm

"All 3D printed Part files has been updated to version 2.0"

  • 8x Screws M2.5x15 (Wood version
  • 13x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x10
  • 6x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x16
  • 12x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x20
  • 5x -M3 Allen SCREW M3x25
  • 89x -M4 Allen SCREW M4x8
  • 14x -M4 Allen SCREW M4x20
  • 89x washers M4 wide Brim
  • 24x nuts M3 Normal
  • 8x M3 lock nut
  • 20x M4 Normal Nut
  • 96x M4 threaded plate M4 1x GT2 Timing Belt 57CM
  • 2x GT2 Timing Belt 87CM
  • 2x GT2 Timing Belt 158mm Closed Loop
  • 3x Timing Pulley GT2 20 teeth, 5mm Bore
  • 4x Timing Pulley GT2 20 teeth, 8mm Bore
  • 1x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 29,5cm
  • 2x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 29CM
  • 2x Steel Rod 8mm diameter 42CM
  • 6x LM8UU linear bearings
  • 3x 608z bearings
  • 1x MDF Wood Base Plate 28x32 / 7mm thin
  • 1x Laser protective glasses
  • 3x Nema 17 stepper motor 36oz
  • 1x Arduino Uno R3 or clone
  • 1x GRBL-Shield
  • 2x Pololu a4988 Stepper Driver
  • 1x Power Supply 12V / 4A
  • 2x 12V fan 4x4cm
  • 2x Power Switch
  • 1x Laser protective glasses
  • 1x Laser Module 445nm 2watt M140 diode Copper Modules With Leads & Three Element Glass Lens
  • 1x Laser Driver 3A 450nm TTL
  • 4x Endstops
  • 2x handholds
  • 1x Various cable, different plugs ...


*Big Mama version*
replace the profiles with:

  • 5x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 22cm
  • 8x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 80cm Steel rods:
  • 4x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 84cm
  • 1x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 83cm

Step 2: TOOLS

Tools you need

  • Allen Key M4
  • plier
  • screwdriver

a brush or something similar
Metalsaw when the steel rods or aluminum profiles are not even cut when you buy it.

Jigsaw when the base plate has not been cut when buying

some wood glue (to glue a thin layer of cork on the bottom plate)

Step 3: BUILD IT

Begin with the aluminum profiles. screwed all together like in the Images.
Do not forget to push enogh M4 threaded plates into the V-slot of the profile.

Step 4: Baseplate

glue the cork to the bottom plate as in the photos.
use a brush or similar to remove all the small blisters.

Turn around the bottom plate and put some weight on it.

Wait until the glue is dry.

Step 5: Attach the Handholds and Baseplate to the Frame

Attach the handholds with 4x - M4x20 screws.
Attach the Base Plate with the printed Holders.

Step 6: Prepare the Axis

Sliding/push the LM8UU linear bearings on the Steel Rods.
Attach the steel rods to the chassis.

fix the carriage to the linear bearings with cable ties.

Step 7: Electronics/wiring

Wiring Diagram for 2watt Laser
For the wiring we use a very reinforced system.

it is very easy to build and works great.

-If you want to use two motors with two Stepper Driver for Y axis, you can "clone" any axis for use two motors and two drivers for a single axis. The CNC shield is capable of it

Check this for more CNC shield infos.

Don´t connect the laser before adjust the power on the laser driver.


Before you can start you need the Arduino IDE, available on their webpage.

Arduino IDE


Modified firmware for the Arduino UNO R3 or similar clone:


(Modified for Version 2.0 ZelosLaser Cutter with 2 Axis/3 Motors)

Grbl wiki: github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki


drawing software: Inkscape 0.91/combined with a laser engraver plug-in.

( we use @now the Plugin from the Microsclice Engraver. We are working on our own plugin)

Inkscape Website


Grbl needs G-Code.

We need another Program to send the G-Code to the Arduino UNO R3 board.

Grbl Controller 3.0 by Zapmaker


NOTE: Before starting, make sure that any older installation of Grbl has been completely removed from the Arduino IDE.

Download the Modified Grbl source code (v0.9i)

Once downloaded, unzip it and you'll have a folder called grbl-master or something similar.

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the Arduino IDE (last tested on v1.61).

Load Grbl into the Arduino IDE as a Library.

  • Launch the Arduino IDE.
  • Click the Sketch drop-down menu, navigate to Include Library, and click Add .ZIP Library, note that this still works with a folder (prior to IDE version 1.6.2 this will be Import Library..., and click Add Library...).
  • Select the Grbl folder inside the grbl-master folder when asked to select a library folder you'd like to add. The correct folder only contains the source files and an example directory.It may take a few seconds for the Arduino IDE to import it.

NOTE: For pre-v1.05 Arduino IDE users, you will need to manually add Grbl into your Arduino libraries, so that it will appear in the Import Library... menu. Search the internet for how to install, then skip to step 4.

  • Open the GrblUpload Arduino example.
  • Click the File down-down menu, navigate to Examples->Grbl, and select GrblUpload.
  • Compile and upload Grbl to your Arduino.
  • Connect your Arduino Uno to your computer.
  • Make sure your board is set to the Arduino Uno in the Tool->Board menu and the serial port is selected correctly in Tool->Serial Port.
  • Click the Upload, and Grbl should compile and flash to your Arduino! (Flashing with a programmer also works by using the Upload Using Programmer menu command.)

Once you have your Grbl library set up in the Arduino IDE, you can update, replace, or modify the Grbl source code in the library folder. On a Mac, it's located in ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/. On Windows, it's in My Documents\Arduino\libraries.

You may need to restart the Arduino IDE for this change to take effect.

No fuss! No muss!




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    the cost for the backers of his two kickstarter projects were actually quite high, since:
    a) he never delivered
    b) a person with his name and address never existed
    c) the whole kickstarter campaign seems to be scam

    whoever this person is, he is a defrauder.

    2 replies

    Financement annulé

    Projet annulé le 23 mai 2015


    about how much is the total cost of this?

    The link to Grbl Controller dont work, it gives the next error:

    403 Forbidden
    • Code: AllAccessDisabled
    • Message: All access to this object has been disabled
    • RequestId: E3FBC8811E617954
    • HostId: D4noYhqj7QcB6RLi7DmgA2lWPj8ZIjNIz2mjT4rvrp8gTwJdPncxOoWPv/YAV+H6XKTt6JqB/hU=

    What stores did you get the parts from? I'm having some trouble finding some of them.

    nice on opening the shop, got a question will there be options to get more powerful lasers?

    Hi, i start bulding big mama version. Could you write how adjust the power on the 2W laser driver and what valu has resistor connected to laser protection. In my opinion for big mama version should be build from 10mm steel rood becouse 8mm is quite elastic on 84cm.

    I extended it in the instructable

    ok thanks, for all other ppl wanting to make the Big Mama version here is the change list in one post:
    replace the profiles with:

    5x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 22cm
    8x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 80cm

    Steel rods:

    4x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 84cm
    1x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 83cm

    mistakes happen. sorry.

    Of course. you're right
    4x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 84cm
    1x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 83cm

    is it enough 4x? as the base model has 5x? just want to make sure prior to ordering the parts :)

    Of course. sorry.

    4x Steel Rod 8MM Diameter - 84cm

    and what about the steel rods?

    hey. its almost the same. only with longer aluminum profiles:
    5x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 22cm
    8x aluminum profile 20x20 Type B 80cm


    Will there be a BOM for the "big mama" edition?

    Thanks :)

    BOM - bill of materials has been updated!

    Wiring Diagram added.

    Nice project. Thumbs up !

    All 3D printed Part files has been updated to version 2.0

    GRBL0.9i_Library_zelosLaserengraverV2.zip has been added to the Instructions.