With this simple and efficient small apartment bike cleaning guide you'll be surprised how easily you can keep your mechanical steed clean and oiled when the elements take their toll. 

In this 'ible I'll show you how I clean my bike after it's been raining for weeks and the caked on mud is sure to lead to grinding damage to the components.

It was late night when I cleaned my bike and realized I should share what I did after I cleaned the bike so the images in this 'ible are re-enacted. The only hint of how dirty the bike was is in the image showing the underside of the saddle.

Where in the Apartment?
Anywhere with tile or waterproof / easy to clean floor. I used my kitchen but you may want to use your balcony, bathroom, or even the hallway outside your micro domicile. 

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • 2 Wash Basins (wide and shallow is best)
  • Biodegradable Single Use Scrub Brush 
  • Pre Soaped Rag (Makes for easier cleaning later, not shown in image)
  • Hot Soapy Water 
Collect your cleaning supplies, we won't be oiling the components in this instructable, I do that outside and take the bike for a ride to help the oil set before bringing the bike back into the apartment.

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Bio: Product designer, multi media artist, cyclist, nomad dad.
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