My hubby ordered two iPad 2 covers.  I made fabric covers for the original iPad but he gave me the spare one to alter.  I used Zendoodles (also known as Zentangleing (tm)

Step 1: Test Your Markers

I tested out a number of markers on the hidden hinge area to make sure they would not smear or bleed
I LOVE the tiny brush strokes! They add an air of 'imperfection' that is a constant in all of nature - and there for - reality. :)
Fabulous ideas. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for all the tips, I'm going to use the masking tip a lot I think.
excellent job...perfect result...
Nice work! You'll find lots more ideas (and some solutions for tangling large areas) if you contact a local Zentangle&reg; teacher. You can find one in your area by doing a web search for Zentangle and going to Rick and Maria's website.<br><br>Happy tangling!<br><br>
Wow. Great job!
wow this looks great. i totally love this look. reminds me of henna patterns. i am going to use this to decorate my small ikea shelf
Cheers for that. Glad you like it. It was fun to do. But I don't think I would want to do a whole shelf (unless it was a small one!) It took me the better part of about 3 days.<br><br>I hope you will share yours if you make it!<br><br>Mary Anne

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