Introduction: Zentangles

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Zentangling is fun and easy to do. It is a type of doodling.

Step 1: Materials

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Black pen

Step 2:

Zentangling is doodleing it is very fun. Type the words zentangle or zendoodle in google....

Step 3:

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Do your doodling a in pencil. Pencil is effective although doesn't stand out as well as a black pen.

Step 4:

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I am doodling on the back of my diary. I just covered it in paper

Step 5:

Zentangling is just doodling. It is a perfect way to relax.

Step 6:

To start a zentangle just close your eyes and do a few random squiggles then open your eyes and make them into shapes.

Step 7:

Next fill the shapes in with different patterns. Search zentangle up for more inspiration.


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