Picture of Zero Origami
I was continuing my experiment for Sun Dragon Inti as requested by hellbringer17. Then again, I failed. But, when I'm experiment on the heads. I was then found a head shape that look familiar with something else than dragons. And that is Zero!

Zero is Jack Skellington's loyal pet from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Zero is a ghost dog that looks like a flying handkerchief, with a glowing orange nose. Zero has two black eyes, two floating long ears and a red collar attached to his neck. Zero is a loyal pet, he follows Jack every where. And I found his origami!

P.S.: Sorry for the blurry pics. My camera's broken so I used my iPhone for taking pics.
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Step 1: : Materials

Picture of : Materials
White sheet square paper! You can use any size of paper! Not like my previous origamis, that I suggest to use large papers! Black, Orange, Red markers if you want to color Zero.

Step 2: : Making the Base

Picture of : Making the Base
Step 3.jpg
Step 4.jpg
Step 5.jpg
Step 6.jpg
Step 7.jpg
Step 8.jpg
Step 12.jpg
Step 10.jpg
Step 9.jpg
Fold the paper half down, then fold it again half right. Unfold. Fold the paper down up to the creases you've just made. Unfold again. Now, you see there are creases on your paper. Read carefully. See picture, Fold down the paper, so that Line A and Line B meet. Repeat on the right. Pull out the layer that is hidden. Then, sink-fold it.

Step 3: : The Head part 1

Picture of : The Head part 1
Step 12.jpg
Step 13.jpg
Step 14.jpg
Step 15.jpg
Step 16.jpg
Step 17.jpg
Step 18.jpg
Step 19.jpg
Fold down the head to the right half. Repeat on the left. Unfold. Now you have creases on your preliminary base. Fold to the left, as you fold, the layer will be fold up. Fold it to the right again. (The idea is to fold the layer up). Repeat on the left. Fold the preliminary base up. Reverse fold and make another small preliminary base. The creases will help you fold it.

Step 4: : The Head part 2

Picture of : The Head part 2
Step 21.jpg
Step 22.jpg
Step 23.jpg
Step 23b.jpg
Step 24.jpg
Step 25.jpg
Step 26.jpg
Step 27.jpg
Petal fold the small preliminary base down. Petal fold it again. ( So you do the petal fold twice). Then fold everything up.Fold down. The Fold down the layer. Repeat on the right. (See the pictures). Sink Fold the tip of the head.
abeaudette4 years ago
im confused
w1l50n1404 (author) 5 years ago
This is really cool but im confused....step three is confusing
w1l50n1404 (author)  Xx_Shadow_Kat_xX5 years ago
 I'll make a video of this origami, shortly after all my exams are finished
Evanna5 years ago
hey, really nice. looks just like zero.
but i really don't know how to do this, would help lots with a video.
i got lost at the second step...
zeffer025 years ago
 Could you add a video 
w1l50n1404 (author)  zeffer025 years ago
 Yeah, maybe I'll make a video, but I'm really busy you know..
i agree this does look purty darn amazing. and it looks so much like him too
ChrysN5 years ago
Nice, looks just like him.