Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (REPLICA!) V1


Introduction: Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (REPLICA!) V1

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Today i'll be showing you how to build a replica of the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator "AKA" Gravity Gun from Half Life Two the video game.

Step 1:

To start out, you will need two annie chung noodle bowls. Take these and only use one lid when you glue these together.

Step 2:

Next, on one side of the annie chung noodle bowls, glue the yogurt bottle on.

Step 3:

Then on the other side of the of the glued Annie Chung noodle bowls glue on a bulk syrup bottle.

Step 4:

Next you'l need a "Bowl" that looks kinda like this and glue it on where shown on the intro.



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    paint it and you will have a model gun for a half life movie