Step 3: Cut the Pipe

Picture of Cut the Pipe
Using a table saw and metal cutting blade I cut the pipe to length.

The length of the pipe depends on how high your ceiling is and how long your threaded rod is, I cut mine about 9" short of the ceiling, with 2' of threaded rod this gives me plenty of playing room.

You don't want to pipe too long or short - too long and it will make adjusting the clamp difficult or impossible, too short and you wouldn't be able to clamp the shelf between the ceiling and the floor.
bvz6 years ago
This is the part that, I think, will scare a bunch of people off of this otherwise really cool instructible. I have actually cut this kind of pipe with a standard, hand pipe cutter. They aren't too expensive (shouldn't run more than $35 for a good one), very very accurate, and pretty easy to use (you just clamp it on and start twisting... but best to watch some tv while doing it because it does take a while). Just so people don't stop short at this stage. :)
Remember "Cool Hand Luke"?  Didn't he use on of those to cut the parking meters off?