Zin Gardens


Introduction: Zin Gardens

I made it at TechShop

TechShop Detroit


Step 1: Laser Cut Boxes

1 - Purchase Plexiglas at TechShop

2 - Take TechShop laser class

3 - Cut boxes using laser

Step 2: Assemble Boxes

- Assemble boxes

Step 3: Make Rakes

1- Take TechShop metal working classes

2- Hope someone put good material in scrap bin at TechShop

3- Get material out of scrap bin at TechShop

4- Use punch, brake, shears, sanding wheel, and wire wheel to make rakes

Step 4: Finish Project

Glue boxes together and fill with sand

Rake to relieve stress



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    Zen Gardens are very good stress-relieving tools. Thanks for sharing this!