Zinc and Snake Bone Ring





Introduction: Zinc and Snake Bone Ring

I made my ring out of new pennies, melted down and sand casted into a negative mold made with a positive form made on a 3d printer, next I used a dremel to carve a hole that would fit the vertebra of a green Mojave rattlesnake and threw it all together. If anybody is interested in doing it themselves I can tell you how, but seeing how this fits into taxidermy metallurgy jewelry making pest control furnace building 3D printing and mold making, ill leave it to you guys, I can post much more detailed instruction on a certaqin area or everything you wanna know!



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    more pictures please

    yes once its polished it lasts longer but i chose zinc because it will oxidize to gray, i think it will give good contrast to the white bone and look pretty badass

    This is quite cool and very creative! However, I have melted several pennies and I know zinc can be annoying to work with, but it will also oxidize and it probably won't look so hot in a few months, so you'll probably have to re-finish it every so often. Although I bet there's something you can coat it with to protect it.

    well i get them in my back yard ill post instructions on how to clean them

    Where does one go about getting snake vertebra