Picture of Zingy Lemon Meringue Pie
Growing up, my mom made alot of pies and cakes from scratch. I always thought it was solely because she worked part-time as a  baker at a resturant and liked to bake all the time. Now that I'm an adult I know it was mostly because we didn't have alot of money.  My father worked for an Italian couple who treated us 3 kids like their own. They had chickens amoung other farm animals and a great big lemon tree. I use to love being lifted onto my dads shoulders to collect the lemons and gather up eggs while my dad chased the rooster away to protect me. At home my mom would make an amazing pie with those eggs and lemons.  Lemon Meringue pie is easy to make and has a wonderful explosion of flavour in your mouth. Whenever i make it, it brings me back to childhood, summer and those simpler times as a kid. Let's make it!
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Step 1: Ingrediants Needed for crust, pie and meringue

Picture of Ingrediants Needed for crust, pie and meringue
Items needed:

granulated sugar
powdered sugar
vanilla extract
cream of tartar

Step 2: Making of the crust

Picture of Making of the crust
Pre-Heat oven for 450 degrees ( for baking the pie crust before filling)

For crust:
I used my mixer but you don't have to. Good old fashin hand mixing works just as well.
In mixer combine the ingrediants below. Using a spatula to scrap sides and makes sure it's all incorporated.

2/3 Cup Chilled shortening cut into slices ( I use Crisco butter flavour sticks)
2 Tablespoon Chilled butter cut into slices
2 Cups unbleached flour
pinch of salt ( i like to use coarse Kosher salt)

can't wait to make this
it look too good!
mistyp3 years ago
I love the vintage plate look with the coffee :-) Thank you for sharing, and good luck on the contest!
straycatmeow (author)  mistyp3 years ago
Thanks! I really like your pastry cutter from your thoroughly pie recipe. I want one in my kitchen! Do you remember by chance where you got it? It looks really cool.