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Introduction: Zion Falls- RCT3

About: you will find out a lot. of things about me as Im on here. But here are some things about me.: 3 -i like building knex - i play drums (im rather good,) - arachnaphobic - drawer - animal lover - I like movies...

This is my second park. And yes, it is a lot of glass. Each time I enter into this park, It is very lagged. The reason is probably because of all the glass, or because it uses lots of custom scenery; but it might be both. when you enter, East is the main pool complex; and West is the Cafe. Any way you go, you are going to descend about twenty-five feet. once you're in, you will see it's actually like a huge green house, with a water park inside it. This is one creative factor I decided to do. In the pool complex, there is a mini pool for three slides, and a nicely sized wave pool.  North of the mini pool, there are showers with a changing room which leads out to a court yard. This includes three thrill rides. North of the wave pool is two slides and it leads to an outdoor pool,that includes three slides and a lazy river. The lazy river is on the west-side, which is a big jungle of palms. On the West-side, there is also four more slides that lead into another small pool. One is a big speed slide that actually leads to the wave pool.A nice aqua-blaster is also in the wave pool. This park also has a cool cafe. The cafe also includes other things. Such as toilets, A.T.M.'s, e.t.c.. There is also a path that goes around most of the main building( It's elevated), which has shops ;-). In the jungle of palms there is also a ring/raft slide and one other black slide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MT56         



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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBalxN8eryg that should help

    dude it only costs like £7 pounds and thats with the soaked and expansion pack :/

    I thought I had already commented on this!? Oh well here we go! Awesome Park! This is by far my favourite of the ones you've made. It's SO realistic! A great use of Custom Scenery! here are some recomendations:
    Dasmatze's Utilities: Has Footer for supports and an invisible park entrance With just a hanging sign so you can design the whole entrance yourself. There are also a bunch of great sets made ny this guy. Check them out.
    Moby's steel jungle: Best Custom supports out there!
    I'll tell you some more later on. I have to go.

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    Those pages look very interesting!

    This is very nice. Best indoor RCT3 park I've ever seen. I am very impressed by this.

    What custom scenery did you use?

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    I used a ton. But, I recommend Vodhin's Custom Scenery Page.
    Thanks for viewing!