Zip, A Small Pump Action K'nex Gun Preview

Picture of Zip, A Small Pump Action K'nex Gun Preview
Hello! It's been awhile since I started this project(originally called Thunderbolt) now maybe three weeks ago and now I show you the first working prototype, Zip. To start I decided to compromise on a smaller gun more focused on making a smooth working pump action and I can happily say that I nailed that part. I believe I spent at least two weeks trying to build a side mounted removable magazine for this gun, but to be perfectly honest i'm fed up fighting with this thing. I do plan to make a removable extended magazine after I take a nice long break from this gun but I really want to have this gun perfected for K'nex war 2013 so hopefully it'll be done by then. Anyway onto the stats..
Great pump action!
Portable design, about one and a half feet long.
Reliable trigger
Comfortable handle
Almost ready for KILLERK's knex war with a high rate of fire
A nice 15 feet with one rubberband

Small hopper capacity, holds only three blue rods...
Eats rubberbands
Uses at least three cut rods, sorry...
No removable magazine...
No rear sights, but its fine with me.
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JonnyBGood (author) 1 year ago
The full ible is up! Feel free to build this, and please review!
Seems pretty cool :D but:
JonnyBGood (author)  megustatrains1 year ago
Him again! =D
Sure I'll get to it this week I have two days off and I plan to have at least two ible's posted in that time span. This gun will be posted then.
Hey JhonnyBGood my name is tttttttttt
JonnyBGood (author)  ttttttt710 months ago
Hey found ya


JonnyBGood (author)  akshat2104510 months ago

Yeah... I met him on the app Clash of Clans. You play?

JonnyBGood (author)  megustatrains1 year ago
It's up now if you were looking to build it.
looks like the KSG 12 in MW3! awsome gun.
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
I love the KSG 12 in MW3!
I didn't intentionally style it like it though, but I'm glad you like it. I also think this gun is quite a bit smaller than the KSG 12.
yes I know, I relly like that gun too I got it gold! =D
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
Whoah!!! Gold? Dang! I really just like using it in survival mode, especially in resistance. {lies on the floor behind couch in the mostly destroyed house} Click click! "Get out of my house!"
haha lol yes me too I like it in survival.
Do you play one ps3 or Xbox 360? So I can add you =D
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
PS3 I'm runningfast123
im on ps3 too my name is SiiLe3nTTroy im adding you
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
Whoops sorry my actual account is running_fast123 sorry about that.
LoL I added an other guy XD
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
Yeah.. Sorry about that...
JonnyBGood (author)  Element Force1 year ago
Yep I'll add you too. We'll have to play sometime.
gabriel1801 year ago
It's a very epic gun I love it! P.s I'm gabriel190 I forgot my password
JonnyBGood (author)  gabriel1801 year ago
Thanks! I hope you get your password fixed soon.
DJ Radio1 year ago
This looks cool, only problem is I don't see this holding too many rubberbands. Still interesting and very much post worthy.
JonnyBGood (author)  DJ Radio1 year ago
Why thanks! and you're right this thing can't hold many rubberbands. If all goes well I'll have it posted by the end of the day.
Nice video! XD random dog walks by...
JonnyBGood (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Not a random dog, my families dog. He's an attention hound. ;)
KILLERK1 year ago
Very cool gun a lot of good ideas
JonnyBGood (author)  KILLERK1 year ago
Thanks! Glad I could clarify it for you. =D
KILLERK1 year ago
Great gun from a glance! I am going to study it some more but I love the idea! Keep up the good work man!
JonnyBGood (author)  KILLERK1 year ago
Hey ummm.... you realize this is just a pump action gun right? nothing to fancy....
Yeah but the mech is confusing
JonnyBGood (author)  KILLERK1 year ago
Video is up.
thanks looking nowish
JonnyBGood (author)  KILLERK1 year ago
kinda sorta?
hunter9991 year ago
Great, cannot wait to see the video! =D
JonnyBGood (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Well you can see it now! =D
Knex.X1 year ago
Wow! This is quite amazing. Just add that magazine and I'd love some internals or an I'ble!
JonnyBGood (author)  Knex.X1 year ago
Video is up now!
JonnyBGood (author)  Knex.X1 year ago
hang on a sec... this just hit me. You do realize this is just a pump action gun right?
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