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Introduction: Zip Earphones

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I know everyone is sick of tangled earphones. By simply attaching a zip, all of your tangling problems are solved, and plus - they also look really cool! This is a fun life hack which is actually incredibly helpful, and saves you all that time you spend un-knotting earphone cords.

What you'll need:

  • Earphones
  • A zip
  • A needle and thread

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Step 1: Stitch Fabric Around Cord

Fold the fabric edge of the zip around the earphone cord and stitch it down.

Step 2: Repeat

After finishing the one side, repeat on the other side, and your tangled earphone problems are solved. :)

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This is a very clever life hack! Thanks

So this is where American Hacker got the idea from, I've made one of these with hot-glue

This is genius! I never would have thought about this but seems like a great solution! What size zipper did you purchased?

As a slight aside I read an article in a UK paper about this, if you loop round the plug to the phones and knot they'll never tangle.
Not great for the cables, and certainly not as cool though!

Is this your original idea? Cause I saw these being sold on AliExpress.

Congrats on the win! I'm gonna have to make a set!

Nice, simple solution! I really like this. Does the zipper tangle in your hair?

1 reply

Well, I have pretty long hair, and it hasn't proven an issue yet. :)

Interesting, I like the idea!

Well done on the win!

4 replies

Thank you! Now it's just the torturous wait to find out where I came. :P

First hopefully!


I can only hope so! Here's hoping the judges like my idea. :)

The judges?

Who are they ;-)

Simple and easy work.Very nice.Can you show a picture of the end?

1 reply

Thank you! If you scroll down through the comments, I have posted a picture of the end. :)


Thank you! :)


Thanks! :)

so simple, it's perfect!