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Casual beautiful earrings made with a zip tie.
you can use different zip tie sizes, colors and lengths and put it with a larger or smaller ring. if you want only the ring you can cut the remaining part of the tie, but it gives a nice casual look.
To use this earrings you should put the zip tie backwards, so it gets fixed but not stucked and you can remove it easily and change the ring making it bigger or smaller at will.


ilpug (author)2016-01-07

Thank you for clarifying that you use the zip tie backwards... I saw the picture and immediately had painful thoughts. Neat idea!

LeslieGeee (author)ilpug2016-01-14

LOL llpug, I had the same reaction. All I could see is a friend walking by and thinking they are funny pull on the zip cord...aaaaccckkkkk

R4MP4G3RXD (author)2016-01-11

Car guys(especially drifters) will love this! :D

Roentgenium111 (author)2016-01-07

So do you just stick a zip tie in your piercing? Or is there anything else you have to do?

rvijulie (author)Roentgenium1112016-01-09

remember you have to put it backwards so it doesent get stuck, otherwise you have to cut it to get it out

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