Hello! I'm JonnyBGood and today I bring the complete ible' of the small pump action k'nex gun: Zip. I can't say that I was expecting all the interested people who left me a comment. I actually didn't like my first model but after shooting it at least thirty times with no problems I couldn't help but enjoy shooting with this thing. Zip has been improved with better rubberband placement, so it doesn't kill your rubberbands every ten shots. I also improved the ammo hopper so it feeds the blue rods better. I really enjoy playing with this gun and I hope that you k'nex gun experts give this gun a try and tell me what you think.
Please review my gun,and also please drop by the preview for more information about the gun. (You can also see this review for info https://www.instructables.com/community/Zip-Review/
Alright now let's start building!

Step 1: The Body

Well every gun starts the same way with some sort of base to build off. After completing that make sure to pay close attention to where the blue rods go. Then finish this step by adding a little bit of the decorative panels.
<p>I built it but it has a few problems i can't get the trigger to work right and the ram rod gets jammed up in the gun so it won't hit the ammo. Also the ramrod breaks a lot where it's connected with the cut rod. </p>
First, thanks for building this! Means alot to me because this gun started a line of innovative ideas for pump action knex guns.<br> Now troubleshooting:<br>1 Are the brown connectors on trigger mech oriented diagonally downward as shown in the picture?<br>2 The ramrod is getting stuck on something?..... hmmmm.... not sure because I never had an issue with that. Maybe send a picture?<br>3. Ammo jamming in the hopper? (I think? not sure answering this on my phone so I can't look back at your comment) For this scenario make sure the front wall of the hopper is snapped in all the way, if not it'll jam up.<br>I hope this helps and thanks again for building!
<p>I took it apart but thanks anyway. </p>
4. I eventually taped that back ramrod connection to the cut rod to prevent the separation from occurring.
<p>hm, might build this at home =DD</p>
Please do, it is a fun gun to play around with. I'm working on designing a hybrid Zip design (when I have time) that integrates Zip3's mech into a small body style like this gun. I haven't started building it yet still trying to lay it out.<br>Overall though this Zip set the standard for the next two so worth a build.
<p>I tried building the Rival 107,</p><p>didn't like it, sorry</p><p>maybe I'll build this later, sometime, next year maybe...</p>
Well if it makes you feel any better, no offense taken. The early competitors were a bit, well, spotty. The ranges are my maxed break the gun range and the features are quirky and kind of awkward. <br>Zip in a way marks the time period I started to figure out what I was doing when it came to knex guns. Zip does shoot a bit short of the bar I wrote for it, but after that point something clicked and my quality only improved from there. <br>After I built Zip3 I knew what I wanted my aim to be, concept performance guns. <br>So yeah Competitor 107 was a bit underperforming, made mainly for appearance but I only improved from there! If you really want to build a great competitor, I would build competitor IV. I thought that one out thoroughly and it functions the best of all of the competitors.
Looks very good! voted :)
Thsnks! And Thanks!
it looks fun to shoot! I only wish there were not any cut pieces. That is just my personal goal.
Yeah I know.... But after so much failure, just needed to compromise. I don't cut pieces unless they're already broken though so really I didn't waste any.
Yay! It's now even cooler and it has instructions. &gt;:L With this and my D2OP, I'm sure that you'll kick some butt at the next war. :D
Yep, I'm trying to build a more solid primary gun. I mean this gun is more of a light primary or a solid secondary. D2OP may very well be used as a primary, not sure. We'll see how it goes, should be just fine. =D <br> <br>Right now I've started Competitor Rival III and started planning Competitor IV codename Universal.
Awesome; I hope that war goes well for you, and that the D2OP serve you well. :D
Awesome, good job!
Its good to see that you posted this. What would you say the ROF is?
Well, I never timed it, but it can't be to slow since it does only have a four shot hopper on it. <br>
looks cool :D i will build this.
Thanks! Please do =D

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