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Introduction: Zip Tie Auto Repair

This may not be the most permanent solution to any of these problems in my car but Zip Ties have come in very handy during several repairs. 

In my car my radiator fans werent officially made for my vehicle therefor the mounting holes didnt quite match. But luckily the trusty zip tie came in handy. 

They arent only mounting the fan shroud but also helping keep the spliced and reattached wiring out of the blades and together for easy identification.

Zip ties also are used to hold my makeshift temperature sensor and sending unit sensor in place so that my fans run properly. 

Also was instructed by an ever so friendly police officer to get my license plate out of my windshield and on my vehicle. 
No way to mount my plates and no money to purchase any additional items for my car (2 tickets later) I turned to the good ol' zip tie once again. 

These are just a few ways zip ties have saved my tail. Hopefully they can do the same for you.



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    This is great! I've actually used zip ties on my car to hold a few lines together. Zip ties have actually saved me a few trips to the auto repair shop in Kelowna. Great job!

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial, it is really great!

    I just bought an old beater thats got the radiator being held in by zip ties. They're dirty as hell, so I'm assuming it's been working for a while!

    The only thing I can think to add is if you're going to rig something together, check on it every now and then to make sure the tie is still tight and a few of the 'notches' haven't been worn down. If they have, just use another 2 cent zip tie to get it back to where you want :-)

    I know, I know.... Only in Texas. Well ill do just about anything to keep my 200,000+ mile engine running a little bit longer.