Picture of Zip Tie Ball
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This ball is made from zip ties (zap straps) and has a nice mathematical colouring.

You will need:
  • 60 small zip ties (zap straps, plastic cable ties).  Large zip ties are more difficult to hack for this project.
  • A push pin
  • Needle nose pliers
  • (optional) Tester's model paint
If you are math inclined, we are building an dodecahedron with a 5-colouring that shows its rotational symmetry group, A5.  That is, all 60 even permutations of the 5 colours can be obtained by rotating the zip-tie ball about a pair of opposite faces (diamonds, triangles, or rounded pentagons).  You can learn more here and here, or read a rough description in the last step.

Many different shapes can be built with this method.

Step 1: Make a zip tie triangles

Picture of Make a zip tie triangles
Attach 3 zip ties together in a loop, pulling the heads half way onto the "zippers".  Now do it 20 times.

I bilded my own it is cool :)


AWESOME! That is the greatest compliment of all.

69valentine2 years ago
Awesome. I will be building this very soon.
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