Zip Tie Bike Traction Chain





Introduction: Zip Tie Bike Traction Chain

Never slip on an icy road again with your bike. Use zip ties to act as chains around the wheel

Step 1: Supplies Needed

12-inch zip ties

Step 2: Loop the Zip Tie Around Weel

Wrap the zip tie around the wheel and pull tight the cut excess

Step 3: Placement

Put the zip ties about every 4 inches to keep constant contact with the ground.

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    Brilliant ! When ibles has a "zip tie" contest, you have my vote. Note: to make them really tight, simply deflate the tire about 10 lbs. before installation, then reinflate after installation.

    the best but can u make this


    Yes this would be more effective if he used disk or drum breakes instead of the rim breakes.

    Bear in mind, this only applies for bikes with disc brakes or coaster (backpedal) brakes.

    1 reply

    Agreed. This hack won't work with any rim brakes, e.g. road calipers, cantilever or v-brakes....

    In the pictures you took, I noticed that the side of the zip tie that is against the rims is the "notched" side. The side of the zip ties that have contact with the ground is the smooth side.

    I have not noticed a difference. I don't understand what notche side you are talking about? The place where it sticks into the other?

    Have you noticed any significant difference? And also I noticed that the smooth side of the zip tie is what hits the ground. Couldn't it be better if it was the notched side?

    Still be careful around turns. Do not go to too fast. Also do not use bikes with too thin of tire tread. I have learned my lesson from these things!

    It is meant for the ice so very good. It lasts for very long time. A zip tie might break every once in a while, but you can just replace it easy

    That is a great idea. How does it perform on ice? And how long do the zip ties last?

    Have a great day! :-)