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Introduction: Zip Tie Chuck Key Holder

I needed a chuck holder for my corded drill. The cheap ones get bad reviews, or suggested repairs with Zip Ties. So I stopped and thought about it, and felt I could make one from zip ties from scratch. I've never made an Instructible before, and I did not immediately think of zip ties myself, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1) A chuck key

2) 4 sturdy zip ties.

3) A drill cord you want to attach the chuck key too.

Step 2: Loosely Attache Two Zip Ties to the Arms of the Chuck Key

As pictured, loop a pair of ties on either arm.

Then loop one tie to link the two across the top.

I probably could have used one tie across the arm, but they are pretty stiff, and pffft... so i used 3 instead of one...

Step 3: Attach It to the Power Cord of the Drill With Another Tie

Just attach that last top loop to the power drill of the cord.

I snugged them up a bit, but ultimately left it a bit loose to move.

Trim off the excess zip tie ends.

You should have a chuck key holder that lasts a long long time.



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    I like this idea, if you don't have a welder. I have a tig welder and weld a small nut on the top of the main shaft of chuck keys and allen wrenches (in the middle), and run a piece of gutted paracord through the nut (gutted makes a tighter knot).

    Good idea. I always wrap the key close to the end of the electric cord with electric tape so when I want to put a bit in before I plug it in I use the key. To change the bit I need to unplug which is good for safety sake.

    This is a really great solution to a really annoying problem.

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    Awesome idea! I will be doing this

    Simple and useful - thanks for sharing this good idea!

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    This is the fastest and easiest solution I've seen. Great idea.

    Thank you for showing it properly placed to encourage disconnecting the plug before use. I've seen a number of accidents in my time caused by someone not unplugging when using the chuck key, or forgetting to remove it before turning on the power. Great job!