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Introduction: Zip Tie Cord Management Idea

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Fasten this idea to an electrical tool for wrapping the electrical cord when storing your tools.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. 1/4" or wider zip tie about 10" long

2. Small nut and bolt about 3 MM in diameter

3. Small plastic wire/cable hanger (pictured in black).

4. 1/4" diameter dowel or smaller about 5" long

Step 2:

1. Drill a hole in the center of the zip tie

2.. Fasten wire/cable hanger (pictured in black) to zip tie with small nut and bolt

3. Insert dowel rod into wire/cable hanger and tighten nut and bolt

4. Wrap zip tie around tool and pivot dowel rod so it does not interfere with operation of tool, the dowel rod pivots on nut and bolt.

5. When done with operation of tool, pivot dowel rod so the cord can be wrapped around the dowel rod as shown in picture for storage of tool.



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    pls take a picture for this without used & put it

    Hi GuillermM20, glad you like it. Thanks!

    Hi pantalone, very easy to make. Thanks for checking it out!

    Hi Magzzee, Thanks for checking it out!

    Nice idea.

    Another way to fasten the wire/cable hanger would be to use a rivet instead of the nut and bolt.

    1 reply

    Hi KarlHoff, This is true , I used what I had available. Thanks for checking it out. Best of Luck!

    Great idea! This should really help me organize my cables!

    Have a great day! :-)

    1 reply

    Thanks Just4Fun Media, Real easy to make. Best of Luck!