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In this tutorial you can see how you can make zip tie earrings

it is really easy so i think everyone can do this

happy making

Step 1:

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- Take your first zip tie and placen it like you can see on the picture

- bend your zip tie to the right make shure you bend it under the head of the zip tie

- pull the tail of the zip tie through the head

- make an angle at the bottom to become a heartshape.

Step 2:

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- take an other zip tie and place it through the heart you've made earlier and repeat the steps from step 2

- you can keep on repeating until you think you have enough hearts

Step 3:

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- now you can make earrings of it you can find the little pieces in your local craft storeµµµ

and voila you have your own zip tie earrings.


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Elynne1 (author)2015-12-31

thank you so much :)

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