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This zip tie fruit bowl is an easy DIY. Taking only an hour and a half to make, anyone can have a new table center piece!

Step 1:


~ 8 inch zip ties

~ 6 inch zip ties

~ Scissors

For the the project, I used around 40 8 inch zip ties and around 100 6 inch zip ties.

Step 2:

To create one section of the bowl, you will need 6 8inch zip ties and 12 6 inch zip ties. Start by closing the 8 inch zip tie and 6 of the 6 inch zip tie. Then, cut off the extra. Place the smaller zip tie inside the larger one. Take a 6 inch tie and zip together 2 large and a smaller tie. Repeat this step until you have fully closed the ties together creating a flower shape. Use the pictures as a guide.

Step 3:

To make the base of the bowl, I used the same technique, but only used 5 larger zip ties.

Step 4:

In total, I made 5 flowers that have 6 petals and 1 flower that has 5 petals.

Step 5:

I started building the bowl by attaching the flowers to the base with 2 zip ties per flower.

Step 6:

Next, I angled the flowers so I could attach another zip tie. If you look at the picture, I added an arrow to show where I placed the zip tie. Repeat this to connect the other flowers together.

Step 7:

Start tightening the ties to get the shape you want. I think that this is the hardest part because it can be hard to keep some of the zip ties at the right angle.



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    Love! Headed to Dollar Tree for zip ties!


    Clever idea...getting supplies tomorrow to make! Wish me luck !

    Good Luck! I would love to see a picture of the finish product!

    Wonderful and very beautiful creation!

    Very nice! Have you tested to see how the zip ties would hold up in the dishwasher?

    Thank you! I don't think it would be the best idea to put it in the dishwasher, but it could easily be washed in the sink.

    Beautiful design

    Beautiful! I never guessed zip ties could look so elegant.