I just got 100 zip ties yesterday and was wondering what cool thing to make out of them, and after some time, I decided why not make another night light, but in a different style! So out of that tiny little thought comes this awesome zip tie night light.

I got the idea when I saw a fountain in the mall with lights under it and I went there at night so it looked really beautiful, so I wanted to make a mini night lamp version of it.

I took me just about 2-3 hrs to make it! Thats all!

The total cost of this project was about 3-4$, its a cheap and easy project to do!

So lets start making it!

Step 1: Collecting the Materials

All you need for making this night light are :

35-50 Zip Ties
1 PIng Pong Ball (Preferabley the transpartent/white colored ones)
1 Multi color or single color LED
1 USB connector

Tools you need are :


Links to where you can purchase the materials :

Zip-Ties :

Ping Pong Ball :

Multi Color LEDs :

(I know the LEDs are a bit expensive but they are for 50 pieces so...)
Very easy but extremely beautiful!!!!<br>
How exactly does plugging it in via USB cause it to cycle through colors? Wouldn't it just stay white?
I think you got this wrong....The LED itself is a color changing LED that you can buy from Ebay or electrical stores...The USB is just basically a power source for the project as I prefer USB over tonnes and tonnes of batteries... :)<br><br>You can use the USb for programming as well like send and receive data from the computer...but this project is supposed to be simple for each and every person (even non makers) so its just for power...
beautiful effect
Thanks! Glad you like it!
Thanks! ^_^
I soooooooooo wish this got featured ... ;(
Very cool vish!
Looks great! I like this version better. I think the ping pong ball makes it look brighter.
Glad you liked it! ^_^
This is totally awesome! Hats Of To You Mate!
^_^ !!!!!
This is awesome! Indians rule!
Yeah! Thanks!

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