This easy project gonna show you how to mount a organizer/pen holder to pegboard in less than 2 minutes with 2 zip ties.

Step 1: Put a Zip Tie Into One Hole Then Get It Out From Another Hole

Step 2: Attach Another Zip Tie to Form a Cercle and Put the Ornigrier In

Step 3: Fasten Each End of the Zip Ties, Done!

<p>What is your trick to running the zip ties through the back without losing the end? </p>
<p>Nice, but I like what I saw in the background even more. How you put a zip tie on each hook so that when you pull off or take off the tool the hook does not come out of the peg board! nice! </p>
25mm Pegboard found on #Thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1187501
Where can you find pegboard?
<p>mine came from the home depot</p>
<p>I was wondering about making something similar to this, Thanks for sharing!</p>

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