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Introduction: Zip Tie - Zip Tie Dispenser

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I work with zip ties a lot and often at height. To stay safe on the ladder I observe 3 points of contact at all times when climbing, this means any equipment has to go into my tool belt for the ride.

I have a problem when it comes to zip ties, all of the ties I use are really long or really small. The small ones get lost in a pocket and the big ones fall out if stood into a pocket.

So I use a zip tie as a dispenser.

Step 1: Set Up

Take one zip tie and close it onto your belt (this works in the workshop too if you tie one to your racking)

Make sure that the textured track is facing upwards.

Now slide your stock of zip ties onto the locked on pointing down, this way they don't lock and will slide off easily.

This works for all zip ties and you can add as many sizes as you need and when you are done cut the locked tie off. All it cost was one zip tie from the pack. Easy!



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    Unfortunately this wouldn't work with high end zip ties like tyrap with a metal fastener.