i just tried this to my bike there are some problems with it. One you no longer have brakes on that tire and two i road under a half mile with the zip ties on and 3/4 of the zip ties fell off. do not wast your time or money on this one. but it was a cool idea.
I do not bike but I just happened to see this and wanted to give my opinion. SHEER GENIOUS!!!!
very interesting<br>but also if your on snow and ice you dont want to be slamming on your brakes<br>haha
I'd be interested to feel how they perform vs a studded tire. Maybe I'll give it shot myself next winter. I also wonder how long they'd last and if they'd cause the tire to wear unusually where it contacts the straps.<br><br>Concerns aside, I think the concept is terrific. Very creative use of zip ties, TruorFalse. :)
How do you brake after adding the zip-ties? Wouldn't they catch on the pads of the calipers?
this method works best with disk brakes.... but still rather effective if you really NEED to bike in the ice/snow.
I guess it would depend if you have &quot;backward-peddle&quot; brakes (many kid bikes [20&quot; or smaller]) or hand brakes....

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