I found some old zip ties and tough that they where too good to be tossed, so a made a candle holder out of it!
This is a really easy instructable, you will only need:
old used zip ties (40 units or more)

Step 1: Disassemble the Zip Ties

If you do like me, and use old zip ties, you will have to disassemble them first. Its really easy! in the zip ties there is a stic or a pin that holds the zip tie in position, if you bend this away you will easy be able to drag out the zip tie

Step 2: Starting to Make the Candle Holder

I started off with five zip ties in center, and keep adding zip ties. I did not make a pattern, but you can. 
the shape you will also decide for your self. I made no special shape. It is soon valentine so maybe you can make a hart out of it! 
making the candle holder don't take long, but you will use a lot of zip ties!

Step 3: Applications

You are finished!
I will use it as a candle holder. 
!!!!  do not place hot pots on the candle holder  !!!!
I'll try that one out
I'll try that one out
Cool idea
Very creative!

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