Introduction: Zip Your Earbuds

This is a new way to keep your earbuds cord untangled.

Step 1: You Need

Picture of You Need

- some patience
- some sewing ability
- a long zipper

Buying a long zipper might be rather expensive. Or you can be ingenious: I got mine by unsewing it from a plastic clothe cover I bought for 3$.

Step 2: Create the Bottom of the Bag

Picture of Create the Bottom of the Bag

This is the most difficult part (if there is any). Open the zipper and fold the left part on itself after 2 inches, or a little bit less, depending on the width of your cellphone or MP3 player. The strip must cover itself. Sew along one edge.

Then, put the plug end of the cord between the two layers and sew along the other edge.

Step 3: Next Turn

Picture of Next Turn

Fold the left strip so you can have it covered by the right strip. Put the cord between the two layers and sew along each edge.

Step 4: Keep Sewing Past the Divergence

Picture of Keep Sewing Past the Divergence

When you reach the point where the maincord separates into 2 earbuds cords, you must change your way of sewing. Each strip is now used to enclose each secondary cord.

Notice that, because of the creation of the bottom, the strips have now different lengths. So, if one of your earbuds cords is longer than the other, sew it inside the longer strip.

Step 5: This Is It

Picture of This Is It

When you zip the cord, you get a small bag. You can use it to put your cellphone, and even have the earbuds cord already plugged in it (watch the video).


shazni made it! (author)2014-09-15

Remember I told you that I would put up an instructable 2 years back!! Well here it is :-) It's a remix of yours!

DustBunny (author)2014-06-17

Great Idea! I saw this on LifeHacker.

If you want a wider bag for a tablet, be sure that the length of the beginning strip (see step 2) is a little longer the the width of whatever you are going to put in it.

Good idea using the zipper from a garment bag. I bought a set of sheets because it was cheaper than buying the fabric I needed. I took the elastic out of the bottom sheet and now I will never have to buy elastic again.

shazni (author)2012-05-15

hey...i've made bags...using this method and 2 different colored zips...will do a tutorial on it...when i get the time...but it's simmiler to this...with handles

eobox (author)2011-07-11

My mind has just been blown. Awesome concept! And I've just favorited 2 Instructables for storing earbuds... wish I'd found this sooner.

I also agree with all these people saying to make something of it. XD This is so simple yet genius, you could.

facklere (author)2011-07-04

You just blew by mind. I have been trying to the best way to store my earbuds, and this just won. I will definitely try to make one and post a picture.

Papydom (author)facklere2011-07-05

I'd love to see what you do. I made a white one. PersonMcPersonman made a blue one. What color will you choose?

facklere (author)Papydom2011-07-06

My iPod is yellow so I'd like to go with blue or green, but I'll probably go with whatever zipper I can get cheap.

PersonMcPersonman (author)2011-03-08

this is AWESOME!!!!!! I intend to make it soon. I will report back with a picture of when I'm done. I also liked the idea of buying a garment cover and using that. GENEUS!!!!

Sending a picture would be very nice of you. Many people say they want to make such a purse, but nobody shows what it looks like...

Here are the earbuds!!!

Hey, they look great! Thanks a lot for sending a picture.

chaitanyak (author)2011-02-19

thanks for sharing it with the rest of the world!
Opensource diy ftw!

BetsyLouWho (author)2010-09-08


That is all.

chaitanyak (author)BetsyLouWho2011-02-19


chaitanyak (author)2011-02-19

this is so brilliant am going to do it now! well tomorow if i can't find a zipper lying around here right now that is..

paintser (author)2010-12-10

Is there a way to make some asymmetrical ear buds work with this design?

Papydom (author)paintser2010-12-12

In fact, it IS asymmetrical by nature. Re-read step 4... To tell the truth, the best use of this zipper bag is with asymetrical earbuds! If you ever make one, i'd love to see what it looks like.

embercity (author)2010-11-10

totally awesome.

made one for my headphones, works great.

Papydom (author)embercity2010-11-10

Could you send a picture?

embercity (author)2010-11-10


r.effuse (author)2010-09-01

You should take this off the internet and patent it. Seriously. Then make a bunch for Etsy and someone will come along and buy the rights for it. Brilliant idea.

pyogazel (author)2010-08-31

This is the best use of a zipper I have ever seen! And I used to think those zipper pencilcases quite silly! Bravo!

5533888 (author)2010-08-30

Cool. Looks a little complicated but I love a chalenge

budabob07 (author)2010-08-30

amazing. 5 stars

timothymh (author)2010-08-29

Get into some wiring and stuff and you could end up with something like this:

Papydom (author)timothymh2010-08-30

Gee! That's exactly my first idea... (plus the sewing it into a purse). But it meant taking the microphone off the cord, and do some soldering. I did not want to get into that. It would have been great if I was using a mp3 reader earbuds cord, instead of a cellphone one.

timothymh (author)Papydom2010-08-30

It's definitely meant for an MP3 player that accepts additional input from the earphones (like iPods accept impulses from the remote contol-ish thing on the cord for the iPhone/iPod Touch).

occupationunknown (author)2010-08-29

This is really cool! What was the length of zip you used? and what would be the length for the apple headphones?

Mine was 120cm if I remember well. Each one is different, depending of your phone. Mesure the length of your cord, from the plug to the earbuds, and add 2 inches (or a little bit more if you want to put in the "purse" a large iPod). Good luck!

CRW (author)2010-08-29

OMG..... this is genius!!!!! Off to rip out a zipper...........thanks!

projectbronco (author)2010-08-29

Brilliant idea! If you ever decide to produce and sell these, like on etsy or ebay, please post on this site or something. Very cool.

Londonbrig0 (author)2010-08-29


MC8165 (author)2010-08-29

They already have these bags, different sizes and styles at

devophill (author)MC81652010-08-29

Don't go to, it's just some shady "search" site. is the site for the bags, but they don't have headphones in them.

rafitf (author)2010-08-29

you should get a patent

WingDings (author)2010-08-29

What a great idea. Thank you for sharing it!

f5mando (author)2010-08-29

Bostin idea! Thanks much!

yngla (author)2010-08-29

Love it! Zippers are usually quite nonexpensive if bought by the yard.

craziemutant (author)2010-08-28

Aww. Doesn't really look like it'd be actually long enough to effectively house the player. Though still an incredible idea.

podginater (author)2010-08-27

c'est si créatif. Bien fait!!

dchall8 (author)2010-08-27

Both my daughters had to have the purse made with a long zipper as soon as they saw it. Of course they never unzip it but it is pretty cool. This is an actual practical application. If they can sell a large purse made from a $3 zipper for $30, you can surely sell these earphone bags for the same.

mr.incredible (author)2010-08-27

My comment kinda goes against the spirit of Instructables but, you should have kept this to yourself and patented it. The simplest ideas make the biggest money.

I think it is brilliant by the way... 5/5

Papydom (author)2010-08-27

>> Everybody Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate. And: - Yes, Irwelling, this is "Baby elephant walk". - Yes, kelseymh, I got the idea from zipper purses I saw in a London market. - I wonder wether it would be possible to use a sewing machine for this kind of hacking.

deusexmachina (author)2010-08-27

This is awesome!

bertus52x11 (author)2010-08-26

Very, very smart!

laxap (author)2010-08-26

Solves the tangling ever-annoying issue and makes a bag!

This is a totally awesome idea!!!

Fav and 5*

lrwelling (author)2010-08-26

Baby Elephant Walk by Henri Mancini. And yes, cool idea!

notveryreal (author)2010-08-26

Woah, very very smart. Also, what's the song in the video? I recognize it from somewhere..

kelseymh (author)2010-08-26

What a terrific (and much less expensive!) extension to the "zipper purse"! And very helpful instructions on the sewing.

ChrysN (author)2010-08-26

That's really clever!

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