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Introduction: ZipDart (KNEX Gun)

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Early 2017 Edit: I know I've been in hibernation for like a year or so but I'm now hard at work on a V.2. It should have a more robust bolt (more of a slide, actually), it'll have a greater band travel, and it'll be bullpup ('cause why the heck not :P...for real though, the trigger would have to be more complicated if I put the mag in front of the'll see when I post it.) Still uses the same rounds, and hopefully the same mag as V.1.

So...the wimp in the slingshot/railgun knex armory section in many traditional ways...except one. This is a magazine fed, bolt action repeater. Yes. I know. I don't know what to make of it either. Let's go into features, and then my gripes so far

bolt action
acceptable looks IMO
mag release
internally pushed mag
high capacity mag for its size (8-10rd)
reliable (ish)
~80ft range
bullpup! front mag, but because of the bolt the chamber is actually behind the trigger

sometimes jams
hard to pull bolt back sometimes
non adjustable stock (was hoping I could)
range not amazing for a slingshot, only fair for a railgun

I'm going to post full instructions as soon as I can, so stay tuned!



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    cool like the look of it aswell

    Fair range for a railgun?? We have enough trouble building one that works, and 80 feet is wonderful! Great job and keep 'em coming, we need more guns like this!

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    it seems I made the rail pin gun you were talking about to a limited you call dibs on making that first or can I make that after posting instructions for this?

    What rail pin do you mean? As in one where the pin goes all the way into the stock? If course, feel free to build and post one.

    I might just try it myself too. :) We can never have too many railguns.

    thanks! I really worked for a while on this.

    and when it comes to rail guns making it shoot as far as a slingshot is pretty easy, I thought it was only OK for one. range wise my forward assist gun is way better

    I got instructions up if you want to build it :)

    Instructions are up!

    Instructions being uploaded as we (just I actually rn) speak

    working on instructions as we speak, they will take a while to post though

    instructions hopefully coming today if I can get to it

    yeah, on a shot where the bullet doesn't wobble it easily does as it doesn't have the weight of the pin that it has to move, just that of a small shuttle and the bullet.

    Is it a bolt action with like a charging handle or like a gun bolt or the bolt that has two firing pins