Here are my instructions for an easy to make zippered shoulder bag. If you are like me and need a bag that is big enough to carry your phone, iPad and purse, but small and light enough to carry around all day, this could be the perfect option.

You can easily change the colours of the fabric and number of zippered pockets to personalise your bag.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- 3 Pieces of A3 paper for the template

- Ruler, Pencil

- Sewing Machine

- Fabric & Paper Scissors

- Pins

- Iron

- Cotton or Cotton/Polyester Fabric (you can choose any colour/s you would like. I used a patterned fabric for the front and a plain fabric for the inside and the back)

- 3 x 18cm Zips

- Quilt Batting (23cm x 26cm)

- Thread to match your fabric

- Webbing of your choice for the strap

<p>That's really cute! I like the peach colored one :)</p>

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