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Make any size corset with zippers and ribbon with this easy technique. This would look amazing over a simple dress or with a fantastic white cotton blouse for an evening out. It might even top off your next Halloween costume!

Step 1: You'll Need

You'll need:

26 8” Long zippers

Sewing machine

1 yard of 1/4” wide ribbon

2 yards of 1” wide ribbon

Step 2:

Stitch 24 zippers together side-by-side.

Make sure to stitch only 24 and not the whole 26.

You can use a zigzag or a straight stitch. I like both.

Step 3: Prepare the Ribbon

Cut 10 pieces of 3” long 1/4” wide ribbon.

On the end zippers of your corset pin on 5 folded loops of the 1/4” ribbon.

The first ribbon should start 2” from the top and then every inch or so on the way down.

The loops should be facing toward the middle of the corset like you see in the photo.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 4:

Stitch your loops in place

Next, stitch your last zipper over the loops making sure to back tack over the ribbon loops so they are strong and can withstand the lacing.

Step 5: Lace It Up

Take your 2 yard piece of 1” wide ribbon and lace up the loops (like you would a shoe)

Trim off the excess threads

*The trick to putting on a corset is to lace it up in the front and twist it around to the back before you tighten it around your waist.



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I'm just wondering if the zippers stay up on their own, or do you do something that helps them stay up?

The zippers stay up on their own, but you could stitch in boning if you wanted. It depends on what you want the corset for. If it's for support or decorative.

this could be useful for stuff other then corsets esp for steampunk

Fantastic idea!

this is cool! gonna try this soon! thanks for sharing:)

very unique . Liked the concept.

unique idea!

sooo tempted to try this for a haloween costume. but being a fluffier girl what do you think would be best to bind them together a little better any sugestions?

Great look! I'd love your permission to recreate this look at some point!! A few things- it would look great if the bottom of the corset as well as the top were embellished with lace of some kind, as well as maybe adding something to the front, perhaps some black velvet roses or zipper embellishments! Very creative, I'd love to play around With this look!!