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Introduction: Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Hi guys! With halloween around the corner i'm here to share with you another awesome tutorial ! This one is called zipper face. Super duper easy so don't worry if you don't have any previous skill with makeup or special effects makeup. This look will be sure to turn some heads
Here is an easy video to follow. What you need;
foundation in your colour, a zipper, latex , black eyeshadow, toilet paper, fake blood.

Step 1: Get Your Zipper Out, Let's Start

First things first, you need a zipper! Make sure the zipper is as log as your forehead to your chin. Use latex to stick the zipper onto your face. Press firmly.
Next take some tissues and tear it in half. Place it along the outside of your zipper to make fake skin. Layer latex onto to make it stick.

Repeat to the other side of your face.

Step 2: Add Some Detail to the Skin

Take some tissue or a cotton ball and rip it in small pieces. Use your latex and apply it to random places on the inside of the zipper. This will give the skin some texture to make it look like it's ripping off.

Step 3: Make Your Fake Skin Real!

Take the your foundation in your skin colour and apply it to the fake skin we just make with the toilet paper. blend blend blend!

Step 4: Time to Make This Reallly Creepy

Take some scissors and cut the fake skin on the neck. Also peel off the zipper a little bit. The fake skin we applied will keep the zipper stuck to your face. Lifting it will make our face look like it's opening up.

Step 5: Blood Blood Blood

Take your fake blood ( i'm using vampire blood) and apply it all over the inside of the zipper. YUCK!

to add depth take a black eye shadow and outline the inside of the zipper and any other cuts you made. This makes it look deep

Step 6: Finished!

And we are done! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Go scare some people :P

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Gonna try this instead of the voodoo mask. Im scared it wont look as good as yours. I also have to shave to do it lol.

Thanks!!!!! ahh yay , you're such an inspiration i watch every single one of your youtube videos

So nice to hear :)

Keep spreading the word, more excited things coming soon!

wow this and your other ible are great!!

Yw :-) You're very talented with this sorta stuff! Ill vote for this :)

great effects ,good video easy to follow instructions ,also you made me smile when you said you were funny ,you are ,thanks for sharing hope only good and great things knock at your door big love

ehhe thanks so much!!!