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Introduction: Zipper Face Tutorial Redux

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A new tutorial for the zipper face look, This time with a voiceover explaining how I did everything. Enjoy!
You will need:
A metal zipper
liquid latex or spirit gum
red and black cream or grease paints
purple and yellow cream or grease paints and/or eyeshadow
blood gel or fake blood
clear or red lipgloss to add shine
Click this link if you want to the older look I did for this last year, it's a speed-torial, and in this one I left the fabric on, rather then cutting it off.

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Visually the best tutorial I have seen n this subject.

The audio however I found the lack of sound editing annoying.

The constant burst of sound when the music started was startling.

This is only the second time I have ever said something negative on this site.

If you ever get to the point of making the sound work better [I suggest audacity], then you should have great videos that everyone will enjoy :)

Great video never the less. Just couldn't listen to it sadly.

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Yeah, This video was quite old and I didn't have good equipment for it, and my editing skills were pretty lack luster, maybe I will re-do this again someday with my better equipment and skills haha. Also, sorry this is a way late reply, I haven't been getting notifications of comments and am just now seeing several of these.

very realistic and scary....nixely done..persinally i didnt like coz you spoiled such beautiful face...hihi

It depends, it's about $4 for a little bottle, which is really all you need for this, about $14 for a 16oz bottle. I personally think it's a bit pricey, you can always use spirit gum to attach the zipper to your face as well, it's less expensive, but you need to be very very careful using it near your eyes, since the skin around your eyes is so sensitive. And before you use the liquid latex make sure you test a swatch on either the inside of your elbow, or your wrist or something first to make sure you don't have a reaction to it, since so many people do have a latex allergy. If you aren't allergic to it however, it's harmless.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

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Thank you!!! I've never been a finalist in one of these contests before and I certainly was not expecting to be one!! This is exciting!! :0D

I actually didn't do this look this year, probably because I did it so much last year.
I only used a zipper effect like this once on one of my costuemes, but it was moved onto my chest, rather then the face.

Very nicely done - I like the fact that it is cheap and easy(ish) to do, doesn't require buying a full body costume, but has a big impact. Don't think my 3 year old is quite ready for that one, but who knows, maybe next year!

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haha, Maybe not this year! Though my baby brother is 2 and giggled when he the look done on my own face.
And yeah, very cheap, and I mentioned in another comment a minute ago, I actually saw at wal-mart the other day they are selling kits for this effect now. comes with just enough latex to do it, make-up, and a pre-cut zipper!

Awesome article. I was already shaving my head for cancer fundraising, so this was perfect timing. I also built a bit of layering with the liquid silicone, but by the end of the day it was looking a little worn.

Next time I would have the zipper starting all the way at the back of my neck, go over my head, separate near the eyes, come back together around the throat somewhere and end up under my shirt. Should be cool :)

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Looks great!! I think going all the way around the head would look awesome! I know you can actually get kits at wal-mart now to do this look. Though it's cheaper for me having the zippers and latex on hand already.
Also, that's great what you are doing for fundraising!!