Step 2: Sew spirally

Pin the zipper to for a circle with a diameter of roughly 5-1/2" to 6".

Machine sew in a spiral to form a tube.

As you get to the end of the spiral, you will probably need to move all of the zips out of the way before you can continue sewing.
ahsi4 years ago
how will you sew those zippers? i mean when you sew them do all those zippers come together like those in picture?
suganspyyce6 years ago
Is there a part skipped about the zipper pulls? Like is there a certain way to put them on, do you have to buy the separately?
randofo (author)  suganspyyce6 years ago
They came on the 15' roll of zipper that I bought, one next to each other, like you see. I basically unraveled the roll of zipper and sewed it in a spiral.