Picture of Zipper Paracord Bracelet
The best paracord bracelet around
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Step 1: The Say

Picture of The Say
Simple yet elegant this paracord bracelet is one of a kind invented by me you will love it

Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
All you need: 2 pieces of paracord from tip of hand to nose 1 piece of paracord the circumference of your wrist doubled Then some more to tie a knot plus another two or three inches Lighter Scissors Measuring tape Plyers

Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base
Take the wrist measured paracord fold in half and tie end

Step 4: The Start

Picture of The Start
Take one of the two other pieces of paracord and feed it through the top as so

Step 5: To The Half Point Check Mark

Picture of To The Half Point Check Mark
13, 11:42 PM.jpg
Weave it in and out like shown in the picture make sure to do it tight the loose picture is to show how it is woven do this to the half way point

Step 6: The Splice

Picture of The Splice
Once at the middle of the paracord base you need to take the end of the string and cut it short then pull the middle of the paracord out take the second and last piece of paracord and pull the inside out a little as well put them together and melt with lighter and use plyers to make a smooth transition

Step 7: To The End

Picture of To The End
Keep weaving with the second color and leave a loop at the end put the paracord through the last weave cut short and melt and smooth to inside of bracelet

Step 8: The Knot

Picture of The Knot
The string hanging off the knot needs to be set so cut it short then burn the end and use plyers to make it flat also the string hanging from the under the knot is shortened melted and smoothed to the inside of the bracelet

Step 9: How To Put On

Picture of How To Put On
Put around wrist and put the knot through the loop and have that part on the under part of your wrist and that's it

Step 10: Rock It

Picture of Rock It
It is a easy wear and stays on as good as a buckle without the hard plastic feel
Crafts1011 year ago
Thank you for making this! It would be cool to know how to do with a clip though, too. TFTI! (Thanks for the Instructable, taken from TFTC in geocaching)
atc00 (author)  Crafts1011 year ago
If you leave a little extra length on th knot end you can loop the pieces through a buckle and burn them and on the other end with the loop you can cut it into two strands to loop it through the other part of a buckle you could do the same with a clasp.
13, 11:42 PM.jpg13, 11:42 PM.jpg
Step # 6 is unclear as to what 'ends' you are referring to and why are you fusing these 'ends' together?
atc00 (author)  backburnerforge1 year ago
Just listen to the beginning when it tells you the lengths of
Paracord you need their will be a left over piece after the first few steps it will be a different color that is the one you splice when you get
Half way through with the first color
rparente992 years ago
Can u do it with clips instead of just the not And loop to hold it on?
atc00 (author)  rparente992 years ago
Yes it is very easy to modify just loop it on the clip and burn the end and tie and burn on the end
Ninjadash992 years ago
could you do this with yarn? cuz that's all I've got right now
Its also known as the fishtail or cross weave. Been around a long time like most knots have. Check out Ashley's Book of Knots...very old but cool book.
It's just not as common as some of the other ones. But no you didn't invent it.
Oh well I've seen the zipper weave in a lot of friendship bracelet books and its been around for a while..
aqua 122 years ago
Hey guys if u like this check my zippers out and don't forget to follow me
The zipper weave was already invented
Cute! Nice weave :)