Introduction: Zipper Pull Hacks

More than once in my life I've had the zipper pull break off on jackets and jeans. Now that I've learned these hacks I no longer fumble around in an embarassed manner or discard almost perfectly good clothing.

Step 1: Hack One

The first hack is to react to the emergency by grabbing the first object you see that can be threaded through the zipper. In this case it was a rubber band. It worked but had more give to it than I wanted.

Step 2: Hack Two.

The next object I grabbed was a wire tie. This worked and provided a little more stability but it still had a little more flexibility than was desirable.

Step 3: Hack Three

The next object I grabbed was a paper clip. It was definitely stiffer than the previous two and it added color so it would have remained in place had I not come across my final hack.

Step 4: Hack Four

I found a key ring in a drawer and, while it was a little more difficult to attach. it proved to be the best of the hacks. It was solid, stable and aesthetically more pleasing than the others.


jtobako (author)2017-04-02

If the tag breaks off completely, there is a lever inside that has to be pulled to loosen the grip on the teeth. A round loop won't work, the area inside the zipper has to be strait across.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2016-09-06

Lots of good suggestions :)

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