I made this tshirt for my daughter with some simple supplies that I had handy, the brooch is detachable for easy washing, it also works as a hair clip or to decorate a purse.

Step 1: Supplies

2- 7" zippers from the same color for the rosette

1 - 7" or smaller zipper for the center of the flower

1- optional 7" zipper for the stem

1- optional bead or crystal to decorate the flower



Glue Gun

Brooch pin

1 Yard of lace trim

A small felt circle (about 1")

Step 2: Attaching the Trim

Follow package instructions to attach the trim using liquid stitch, these are the steps I followed, yours might be different

1- Shake liquid stitch well

2- Put iron on wool setting

3- Put a very thin layer of liquid stitch on the trim of the tshirt from the inside

4- Put a your lace on top of it, then put a hear resistant piece of paper and iron it

Step 3: Make the Flower Rosette

Follow the instructions in the pictures to make the flower rosette

Step 4: Decorate the Rosette

Cut the lighter pink zipper as close as possible to the trim, shape it into a spiral and attach it with hot glue

Optionally decorate the center with a crystal or a bead

Turn the brooch over, and attach the brooch pin using hot glue

Step 5: Create the Stem and Sew It

<p>Creative and Beautiful! :)</p>
<p>Such a cute flower! clever use of zipper :)</p>
<p>Thanks Muhaiminah, love your work btw :)</p>
<p>neat and cute..</p>
<p>Thanks Bhawya :)</p>
Cute! The pictures were very clear.
<p>Thank you :) :)</p>

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