This instuctable is a Daily living aid for a quadriplegic, a person with arthritics, carpal tunnel, finger amputee or anyone with a hand disability. The zipper loop makes it easier to zip zippers. This adaptation can be used on any zipper with a hole. I'm a quadriplegic and have these on everything from my pants, sweatshirts, jackets and my backpack. 

Step 1: Materials & Tools

• Materials: A zipper to adapt & a 6-8" piece of nylon craft cord
• Tools: Scissors & Lighter

Nylon craft cord can be found in any craft store or craft section of your local mega mart. A couple of bucks will get you about ten yards. enough to adapt all your zippers and it comes in many colors. 
I'm hemiplegic. The biggest problem I have with zippers is getting them started on my jackets. Otherwise I us split key rings to make them easier to pull with my effected hand. Congratulations on the runner up in the contest.
Thanks for this instructable! My mum has has arthritis & Parkinson's, so she sometimes has trouble with her zippers. You may have made her life a bit easier. :)
&nbsp;<a id="fck_paste_padding" rel="nofollow">Im glad you put this up! I dont know why I didnt think of it. I have arthritis in my hands and had my son put them on everything. Very helpful! Looking forward to seeing more of your tips. Thank you paulmods!</a>
This instructable fits the contest criteria to a T and is useful for a wider range of handicaps than the other contestants. Hope you win!<br />
Very good, inexpensive and easy to make.<br /> This could also aid small children and people with developmental disabilities. <br /> <br />
&nbsp;practical and useful!

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