This instuctable is a Daily living aid for a quadriplegic, a person with arthritics, carpal tunnel, finger amputee or anyone with a hand disability. The zipper loop makes it easier to zip zippers. This adaptation can be used on any zipper with a hole. I'm a quadriplegic and have these on everything from my pants, sweatshirts, jackets and my backpack. 

Step 1: Materials & Tools

• Materials: A zipper to adapt & a 6-8" piece of nylon craft cord
• Tools: Scissors & Lighter

Nylon craft cord can be found in any craft store or craft section of your local mega mart. A couple of bucks will get you about ten yards. enough to adapt all your zippers and it comes in many colors. 

Step 2: Making the Loop

Cut a piece of cord 6-8" and feed through the zipper.
Hold the two halfs of the cord together making one thicker cord.
Loosely tie a "Handover" Knot with the two cords together.
With the knot loosely tied you can slide the knot up or down to adjust the loop size.
Once your happy with the size of the loop then tighten the knot.
Next cut off the excess cord from the loop about 1/4" below the knot.
Last, with a lighter carefully touch a flame to the cut tips of the loop to melt the fuzzy ends of the nylon.
This will keep the cord from fraying and falling apart.

Step 3: Using the Zipper Pull

Stick your finger, thumb or nub in the loop and pull in the direction you want to zip.
Congrats!! Your zipper is now handy friendly and your life is a bit easier now that you can zip up for yourself.  
I'm hemiplegic. The biggest problem I have with zippers is getting them started on my jackets. Otherwise I us split key rings to make them easier to pull with my effected hand. Congratulations on the runner up in the contest.
Thanks for this instructable! My mum has has arthritis & Parkinson's, so she sometimes has trouble with her zippers. You may have made her life a bit easier. :)
&nbsp;<a id="fck_paste_padding" rel="nofollow">Im glad you put this up! I dont know why I didnt think of it. I have arthritis in my hands and had my son put them on everything. Very helpful! Looking forward to seeing more of your tips. Thank you paulmods!</a>
This instructable fits the contest criteria to a T and is useful for a wider range of handicaps than the other contestants. Hope you win!<br />
Very good, inexpensive and easy to make.<br /> This could also aid small children and people with developmental disabilities. <br /> <br />
&nbsp;practical and useful!

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